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Lakes Crossing Argentina to Chile

Lakes Crossing Argentina to ChileA highlight of a recent holiday to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile was the Lakes Crossing from Argentina to Chile.

We crossed three massive lakes on boats, then were carried from one lake to the other on buses. The whole adventure took about 10 hours, but it was so varied and, at times, relaxing that the time passed quickly.

Tronodor Glacier viewed from ChileWe had a wonderful view of the Tronodor Glacier to which we had driven for hours up a narrow winding one-way mountain track the day before. We passed through an Arctic rainforest and drove over a new patch of road, just created the previous day, as the main road had been covered by a serious mudslide just a few days before.  We went through Chilean customs in a funny little shed, lining up to get all our bags personally searched by Customs officials who seemed more interested in it being nearly lunchtime than in the contents of our luggage.  All in all it was a great day!

RovEasy lightweight backpack at Lakes Crossing ArgentinaI used my RovEasy lightweight daypack all day long, packed with a jacket, sunhat, camera, kindle and all the documents you have to carry when you are going through a border crossing.  It served the purpose so well.

I have found the RovEasy foldable daypack to be an invaluable item to have with me when I travel.